Sky McCreery Is Back With a Diary Entry From a Broken Heart


Sky McCreery breaks a seven-month silence with his most recent track "With You," a moody, ethereal addition to his discography. McCreery is California-born and raised, and his empathic lyricism has a unique gift for showing the emptiness and longing of many West Coast relationships, 

"One day feels like an hour
I'm losing track of time
When I'm with you
When youre gone I'm a lost cause
Baby you know
Even miles apart yes
Stuck in my heart"

Like many surface-level, one-sided relationships, McCreery sings about the loss of a significant other that left him missing what once was. The rising artist spoke further on the all too relatable sentiment, sharing, 

“I wrote this song during a time in my life where I felt lost without someone. After having a falling out, it opened my eyes to how true my feelings really were.”

We have all been there. That high school crush, the one that got away. The one that broke our heart. The emptiness we felt during our teen years. The 18-year-old producer, songwriter, and vocalist taught himself all aspects of the creative process at an early age. The craftsmanship is immediately apparent, with all his songs having a strong cohesion while remaining sonically dynamic. His lyricism paints a picture of the intimate thoughts of a young male with a soft heart. 

Listen to "With You" below: