Slayyyter’s “Daddy AF” Is Unapologetic, Explicit, and a Hell of a Good Time


Long gone are the pop princesses of yesteryear who merely alluded to promiscuity and sexual pleasure in cleverly and often thinly veiled metaphors. In their place, and ready to take the crown, is Slayyyter, who can somehow get away with unabashedly shouting the lines "He wanna get in my guts/ licking my clit till I nut/ daddy as fuck." But, like the worst of one-night stands, we are getting ahead of ourselves.

Rising pop personality Slayyyter has organically stirred up a frenzy amongst internet communities with a series of forward-thinking releases that simultaneously call to mind early 2000's pop, meme culture, and the futuristic vision of PC music. Yet, it is her latest single, "Daddy AF," that showcases her potential as a veritable pop star of a new era. Produced by AOBeats and Robokid, "Daddy AF" is an insatiable mixture of experimental trap-driven production and what feels like 3000's era pop. It is a purely unapologetic and explicit outing that feels larger than life.  

The raunchy new single also arrives with Slayyyter's first-ever music video, which takes the salacious energy of "Daddy AF" and meets it head-on. Directed by Logan Fields, who has also worked with the likes of CupcakKe and Young Thug, the visuals play out like a sensational tabloid of a pop star spiraling out of control, and we love it. 

While Slayyyter and "Daddy AF" may absolutely not give a fuck, there is an undeniable authenticity to a pop artist who takes every facet of the genre (Myspace-era aesthetic, sex appeal, and all) and simply goes for it with an unprecedented reckless abandon.

Watch the video for "Daddy AF" below and catch Slayyyter on her nearly sold-out summer US tour: