Slush Puppy’s Latest Track Is a “Nightmare!” You Won’t Want to Wake From


Photo: Chris Finn

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night full of chills and in cold sweats after a dream that leaves you at a complete loss for words? Some dreams are just so realistic that you're convinced that they must have been real. Just like an inexplicable dream, Slush Puppy's electrifying new single, "Nightmare!," transports you into a trance-like state that is unlike anything that you've ever experienced before.

Best known for his TikTok-fueled hit single, "Eat Spit!," Slush Puppy experiments with an unruly yet controlled sound on his latest single. "NIghtmare!" is a cathartic affair, offering a different side to the multifaceted alt-pop artist. Slush Puppy isn't afraid to embrace his powerful, hushed voice, showcasing his ability to move the listener through his cutting-edge production and mischievous lyrics. The juxtaposition between a sex toy and his McDonald's Happy Meal captures the enthralling essence of his unpredictable yet playful lyrical wordplay.

"Nightmare!" is a testament to not just the changing landscape of music but Slush Puppy's penchant for experimentation. At only 20-years-old, Slush Puppy doesn't hesitate to push and redefine genres, crafting a vision that is entirely his own. Listening to Slush is akin to experiencing a dream, or nightmare, that you never want to wake up from. 

Listen to "Nightmare!" below: