Sofi Tukker Takes Us on a Spiritual Journey Through Tropical Dance with “Playa Grande”


Photo Credit: Bina Fronda

Comprised of Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern, Sofi Tukker is an eclectic duo that strives to be inclusive of electronic instrumentals while discussing themes of liberation and empowerment. Not only is Sofi Tukker open-minded when it comes to their musical influences, but the charismatic pair also prides themselves on being activists, having worked with Planned Parenthood and The Trevor Project. For their latest offering, Sofi Tukker joined forces with Colombian duo Bomba Estérero for "Playa Grande," which directly translates to "big beach."

Sung in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, "Playa Grande" is composed of tropical melodies and charming instrumentals that'll transport you to a lovely beachside. Although "Playa Grande" is about separating yourself from your personal desires and joining in on communal dancing, the organic song evokes a sonic energy that reminds us of a blissful vacation. Encouraging us to dance as a single unit, "Playa Grande" is the perfect summer anthem for those of us who love to shake our hips and move our feet to the rhythm.


Photo Credit: Ekaterina Belinskaya

Shot at Costeño Beach in Colombia, the "Playa Grande" music video commemorates nature and the elements: fire, water, earth, and air. The Mac Boucher-directed visual incorporates imagery like the sun and moon that ties together the captivating dance performance. Boucher was reminded of Bomba Estérero's Li living on the beach, which offers the detailed project its familiar and appropriate theme that we just can't get enough of.

On "Playa Grande," Sofi Tukker reflected,

"The only thing more fun than making a song with one of our favorite bands of all time is getting to spend a week with them in their hometown and filming a video with one of our favorite bands of all time! This video was the perfect excuse for us to fly to Colombia, hang out and bond with Bomba Estérero, and do the most fun activities we could imagine doing together. We rode horses on the beach, took a boat out and went swimming, threw a bonfire party on the beach where Li led a collective orgasm, and got dressed in Colombian clothes."

Vamos a la playa (Let's go to the beach) with "Playa Grande" below: