"Something of Myself" is Peter Fenn’s Self-Reflective Reminder To Keep Chasing Your Aspirations

The self-produced singer/songwriter, Peter Fenn, is back at it with yet another memorable single. "Something of Myself" is the latest addition to his killer catalog of music. This new single evokes a calming atmosphere. Short, sweet and to the point, Fenn always finds a way to craft a classic pop song.

The production is light. The blissful acoustic guitar strums the melody throughout the entirety of the song, accompanied by the pop of the hi hat and snare. The twangy guitar glistens, almost hidden in the background of the song. It adds an element to the song that's indescribable, but is a key component to the song's success.

What sticks out most about Fenn's songs are his poetic lyrics. "Something of Myself" tells the tale of the constant battle with accomplishing goals, and the excuses that get in the way of the goal at hand. It's a self-reflective narrative of holding high expectations for yourself, chasing your dreams and aspirations, but coming to find that you're your own worst enemy. An everlasting battle that takes patience and persistence to overcome. Fenn wants this song to be a hymn for the ones who constantly battle with the lack of self confidence and self worth. You're not alone in the battle, and you can make something of yourself at any point in your life. Fenn continues time and time again to conduct simple, yet beautiful structures that we can continuously crave.