Soulful Songstress Suzy Jones Is Boldly Resilient in Her “Final Piece” Video


Though her moniker might evoke images of the girl next door, Suzy Jones is far from common. The Georgia-native is bold in her artistic presence, with a sultry jazz-infused husk coating her stunning vocals and dynamic songwriting. Her latest single, "Final Piece," comes with a delightfully vintage music video, featuring the singer's playful stage presence and colorful vision. Having supported Donna Missal and Marc Broussard on tour and garnered a loyal fanbase of her own, the past few years have seen Jones establish herself as one to watch. Suzy Jones makes music that takes up space, demanding well-deserved attention with her powerful vocals and larger-than-life personality. Her latest video is a must see, and marks the beginning of an inevitably long and fruitful career for the singer.

"Final Piece" is an anthem for moving on. Produced by Andy Rose and passionately executed by Jones, the track is soul food in sonic form. Complete with iconic makeup looks and GIF-worthy glances from the singer, the video for "Final Piece" is a testament to creative minds meeting to conceive a brilliant product. 

The director of the video, Maris Jones, commented on the making of the visual, saying,

“I wanted to create a video that was grounded in a certain world but also making it dynamic and colorful to highlight the depth and beauty of Suzy and her personality. Her song immediately reminded me of 60s soul music but with a modern edge and I wanted to be able to create that same feeling visually, I thought of it as an emotional collage.”


Give the music video a watch, and look out for Suzy Jones as she continues her zestful journey through the music industry. She's got icon-in-the-making energy.