St. Humain ‘Flirts Between Pop, Electronic and R&B’ on ‘EMOTIONAL SAUNA’ Debut [PREMIERE]


Photo: Nathan Hopkins

Singapore born, Sydney based artist St. Humain has just released his latest EP entitled EMOTIONAL SAUNA. A mix of contemporary modern soundscapes and urban elements, it's a modern pop, electro-fueled seven-track collection. The EP comes alive with soaring, energetic beats and vibrantly effervescent synths.

Kicking off EMOTIONAL SAUNA is "Fever Vibe," an upbeat, spirited anthem driven by the heat of young love. The track immediately transports listeners into summer feels as St. Humain reminisces about the early sparks of a relationship.

Another memorable track off the EP is "Make A Move." St. Humain sings, "Life’s way too short for hesitation. Take a stand, no holding back." Sometimes all that's needed in life is a simple step forward. We spend each day longing for better lives, but often find ourselves too scared to go after it.

For fans of John Mayer, St. Humain delivers an up-tempo cover of the song "Gravity." An elevated electro-dance rendition with stunningly soulful vocals, it’s an innovative and fresh take on Mayer's classic hit, sure to excite. St. Humain spoke on the EP, sharing,

“I wrote and produced this EP across several years whilst establishing out my artistry and figuring out what the ‘St. Humain sound’ was. It’s a collection of songs crafted within the various emotional states I’ve had through this time period and I think these are feelings that everybody can relate to. We’ve got feelings of love, failure, hope, absolute shit - and above all, life. It’s been a long time coming in sharing these songs with you, a first taste of all that’s to come as I flirt between pop, electronic and R&B. This is just the beginning of my very public emotional revelations…”

The combination of the seven diverse and electrifying tracks make EMOTIONAL SAUNA a feel-good triumph. St. Humain has been featured in Apple Music's "Best of the Week" and Spotify's "Pop For Life" playlists. Having received both critical acclaim as well as reaching over 860,000 streams, St. Humain is definitely an artist on the rise worth following.