Stand Atlantic - “Toothpick” | Live From The Rooftop

Pop-punk outfit Stand Atlantic is on the verge of breaking in a major way. From touring with the likes of New Found Glory and Mayday Parade, to releasing their exhilarating debut album, Skinny Dipping, the Australian trio stands at the forefront of pop-rock's next wave. So, when we heard the band was spending some time in Los Angeles before heading out on the Sad Summer Festival tour, we knew we had to have the band swing by to perform "Toothpick" from their acclaimed debut album and share the magic with you.

Stand Atlantic's music latches its claws in you and never quite lets go (not that you would ever want it to). With heart-piercing lyricism, driving pop-punk hooks, and a knack for choruses that are nigh-guaranteed to get stuck in your head, it comes as no surprise that the band has received widespread critical acclaim and a fanbase that seems to be growing day by day. The future is certainly looking bright for this band to watch.


Photo: Betawave Media Group

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