Still Woozy's “Get Down” Captures the Euphoria of Infatuation

Still Woozy addresses impending heartbreak and breezy decisions in his captivating and pop-infused summer single, "Get Down." His perspective on love and resolution takes on an affectionate and spontaneous attitude in this track of ambiguous infatuation.

"Get Down," is a blithe anthem released in anticipation of his forthcoming album, If This Isn't Nice, I Don't Know What Is, set to release August 13. The summery, lighthearted nature of "Get Down" lends to the momentum of Still Woozy's thriving discography. The California native sings, "She's gonna break me / But I don't give a damn right now / She wanna get down, I wanna get down / We're gonna get down, so." His ability to write in a blunt yet airy and jovial fashion pulls listeners in and creates an accessible thematic escape. His simple melodic beat provides an easy backdrop for audiences to listen to and connect with.

"Get Down" defies the concept of complications. Still Woozy embraces his current circumstance with an air of confidence and lack of concern for consequence that is nothing short of infectious. This soon-to-be summer hit is a buoyant and casual reminder to follow your instincts and your heart.

Listen to "Get Down" below: