Sub Urban Enlists AURORA For the Ominous “Paramour”

Photo: Lorenzo Belassen

Coming off the heels of his explosive collaborative track “Inferno,” with Bella Poarch, alternative pop artist and producer Sub Urban is giving fans opulence and suspense in his new song “Paramour,” featuring Norwegian artist Aurora. The song harkens back to his 2019 smash hit “Cradles” and exemplifies his continued passion for bristling away the preconceived expectations of pop music.

“Paramour” wastes no time and dives right into an arrangement of forebodingly plucked strings. The diversely textured production highlights the singer’s enigmatic vocals while his lyrics paint a sinister story. Opening with the question, “Tell me, is your father a good man?/It’s surprising how little, he seems to understand,” Sub Urban takes listeners on a journey down a dark rabbit hole that examines toxicity in familial relationships.

Aurora’s presence on the track adds a layer of etherealism and perspective. During her verse, she describes how in her house, “the quiet is so loud,” and how father “can be a little too invasive.” She pleads that she just wants to live instead of feeling suffocated in her own home.

The accompanying video opens with a shot of Sub Urban brandishing a sword and wearing a vintage Vivienne Westwood corset with an ornate Chanel brooch. Viewers then see various scenes full of decadent, extraordinarily styled decor and architecture, featuring elaborate hallways and lavish rooms full of mysterious residents cloaked in black. Aurora is introduced, trapped behind a mirror with nothing but a black void to keep her company. Overall, the video stays true to Sub Urban’s macabre yet extravagant artistic vision and leaves us wishing the affair lasted more than two-and-a-half minutes.

This song and video serve as a kickoff for Sub Urban’s upcoming album campaign, which we’re sure will include more thought-provoking and mind-bending releases from the fantastical creator. 

Watch the "Paramour" video below: