Sueco the Child Shows Us His Search History and “Interesting White Guys” | Show & Tell

You will find Sueco the Child in plenty of places - going viral on TikTok, on the cover of Spotify's "Internet People" playlist, and searching for his missing chain in the streets of Los Angeles. With the release of the viral single "fast," the rapper, producer, and internet personality suddenly found himself simultaneously reaching the top of Spotify's Global and US Viral charts and reaching number one on TikTok, dethroning Lil Nas X's "Old Town Road." Sueco the Child is undoubtedly a product of a new generation, one whose humor and meteoric success is unexpected, unpredictable, and nothing short of enthralling.

Following the release of his debut project MISCREANT, we invited Sueco the Child into the Ones To Watch classroom for a classic show and tell presentation. From showing off his internet search history to letting us in on what fueled "fast" and MISCREANT, this is Sueco the Child.