syd B Bares All on “RITF”


Over the past two years, syd B has been cementing her place as a future R&B star worth keeping an eye on. Her vulnerability and willingness to bare all in her lyrics has earned the artist a dedicated fanbase very quickly, speaking to the power of her music.

"RITF" highlights syd B's hauntingly beautiful vocals, the clear focus of the track. The production is minimal, predominately centered around a guitar. Proving that less is more, this allows listeners to get drawn in by syd B's goose bump-inducing harmonies without any distractions.

Everyone has a part of themselves that they try to conceal. Despite a sense of hopelessness and fear of being inadequate, "RITF" doesn't shy away from these uncomfortable truths, but rather faces them head-on. In keeping with her previous releases, syd B fully leans into her insecurities, making the listeners feel as though they are being confided in by a close friend. Her ability to craft such personal music that resonates with anyone who listens is just one of many reasons syd B is such a special artist.

Author: Rachael Jansky
September 10, 2020
 syd B  Soul  RITF