syd B - “Night & Day” | Live From the Rooftop

syd B is neo-soul's best-kept secret. The Los Angeles - born artist has been steadily building up a collection of songs over the last couple of years that are nothing short of completely intoxicating, culminating in a debut EP that illustrates the rising artist's expansive depth and promise. Water Me, the not-to-be-missed five-song EP in question, is an alluring array of effortless R&B and neo-soul vocals brimming with life. And believe it or not, the entire experience sounds even better live, or at least that was the impression we got when we invited syd B to our rooftop to witness her distinctive neo-soul first-hand.

As part of our latest "Live From the Rooftop" series, we had the pleasure of inviting syd B to perform "Night & Day" from her debut EP Water Me. Delivering an irresistibly entrancing slow-jam, we immediately believed syd B when she first uttered the words, "I feel like your best-kept secret." This is how you take a classic genre into the modern-day - delicate with a bit of an edge, wholly captivating, and all-around infectious.