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  • Our Favorite Music Moments From Euphoria Season 2, Episode 1

    January 10, 2022   ✨It's Euphoria szn ✨

    Author: Ally Rincón

  • T.V. Shows You Should Really Start Watching in 2014

    January 14, 2014   Remember those days when people were all like, "T.V. is sooo bad for your kids, kick them off the couch and make them go outside and create, play, be free-thinking individuals" instead of turning into a vegetable before your very eyes? Well thankfully those days are gone. In 2014, life post The Sopranos and Friends is not as apocalyptic as you’d think. With Breaking Bad's glorious 5-season run serving as our benchmark, modern television has never been more exciting than right now. Reality television aside (and even that's getting better — just look at Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown), a talented generation of writers, directors and actors currently walk amongst us, delivering complex characters and storylines that draw us in and make us think, laugh, and feel things we're sometimes afraid to in real life. That’s the true mark of quality T.V. these days. Thanks to the surging ambition of networks like Showtime, HBO, and even AMC, television is growing more compelling and fascinating, due in big part to creators who seem to operate under a “ratings be damned mentality” half the time. If you're on the fence about what to do with your free time, try these worthy shows on for size. GIRLS Don't let the title of the show mislead you - Lena Dunham's fantastic cast portrays the vast range of the modern American post-collegiate experience in a voice and story arc relevant to all genders. Homeland Learn a thing or three about current affairs in this drama starring Clare Danes (who you might know from Shopgirl) as a bipolar CIA agent. House of Cards This isn't your average political drama. It's the very real, corrupt nature of Washingtonian culture filtered through the lens of a jaded, often hilariously sarcastic lead - a congressman played by Kevin Spacey. Orange is the New Black Based on the memoir of a woman who spent a year in women's prison, this series is chock-full of scenarios both serious and hilarious. Mad Men This show may be set in the 1960s, but truth be told the issues that arise in marriage and workplace are ones that we can still relate to today. The fine cast and fashion alone will ensnare you initially, just warning. Louie Enter the world of a depressed hilarious man's satire on his own life and learn a thing or two about life and people in general. True Detective If you don't have too much time and are looking for a quick fix, HBO's new drama True Detective runs a mere eight episodes in its first season. Starring recent Golden Globe winner Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson as two Louisiana State Police homicide detectives hunting a serial killer over the course of 17 years What are you favorite television shows right now?