Take A Trip With Stacey’s “DMT”


Photo: Kristy Benjamin

Stacy's got one goal with her new single "DMT." She wants you to lose yourself and get lost in the color she paints with her music. The Toronto native's music pays much respect to the 70s. Artists like Carole King and The Beach Boys are some of the newcomers favs and that can be heard throughout "DMT." 

In her own words, "DMT" is a "modern exploration of psych-pop". Wonky, off centered piano chords open the song effectively setting the tone. Stacey's voice dazzles as she sings of dreaming in multicolor. She shared this with us about her new single, 

"I wrote it with some of my favourite songwriters, Canadian duo Babygirl. We let our brains run free with melody and lyrics and of course a love for Beatles-y vibes. I'm a big psych-rock enthusiast, old and new, and was excited to dip my toe into that world."

The sun drenched tune comes from Stacey's upcoming album Saturn Return out this fall. While the matching multicolor video was done in collaboration with Peruvian artist, Sara Serna. Watch "DMT" below.