Tall Heights Unveil “The Mountain,” a Touching Tale of Longing and Loss


Photo: Mitchell Wojcik

There is arguably nothing more calming than staring at mountains far off in the distance. Whether they are snow-covered, lush green, or just brown rock and dirt, you cannot help but be mesmerized. Tall Heights honors that scenic beauty in their new single "The Mountain." With soft guitar strums and haunting harmonies, this tender tune wraps you up in its lush, pillowy, softness.

Tall Heights is made up of longtime pals Paul Wright and Tim Harrington. Both Boston natives, their bond blossomed in high school. Now, they craft light, dreamy music that delicately floats across our ears. With Wright's classic training and Harrington's artistic intuition, the duo is a match made in heaven. When their two textured tones meld together, listeners can sense that authentic connection. That same spine-chilling synergy can be felt in their latest stunning release.

A friend texted the group a photograph with the information that his grandfather had passed away. This sorrowful news is the inspiration for the warm, wistful offering. The grandfather's last days were spent at home gazing out at the mountains, a view he and his wife had enjoyed together. Tall Heights capture that emotion of longing and loss so seamlessly. This poignant piece is a dedication to anyone who has dealt with the passing of a loved one.

Listen to "The Mountain" below: