Tay Iwar Releases Captivating New Visual for “MONICA”

Nigerian musician Tay Iwar released his debut album, Gemini, in 2019. Iwar, born Austin Iornongu Iwar, describes the project as an "R&B and Afro-fusion" endeavor. Gemini was released internationally with the help of iconic LA-based label Soulection. "Timeless Sounds, Forgotten Gems," Soulection's motto, seems to perfectly encapsulate Tay Iwar's sound.

"MONICA," the lead single off of Gemini, is a colorful fusion of genres that perfectly underscores    Tay's pursuit of originality. The track sees Iwar lay his soul bare, as he sings, "Fell in love with you     and I almost died / Fell in love with you and I lost my mind." While his repetition of the melancholy refrain may seem like dwelling to some, to Iwar, it is a moment of clarity and revelation. His breathy vocals command attention as the atmospheric synths  and  hypnotic  percussion  swirl  in  the background.

Now, the enigmatic multi-instrumentalist is back with a mystical new visual for "MONICA." Dressed in blue, grey, and brown hues, the video seems to narrate the simultaneous rise and fall of past relationships.

The video follows a rather melancholy wedding party as Tay Iwar and his fiancée for the ceremony. Director Alex Loucas purposely leaves up to interpretation whether the bride, dressed in a black wedding dress and veil, is actually attending a funeral. At the end of the video, the object of Tay Iwar's affection leaves him at the altar…for another Tay Iwar. The new Tay Iwar arrives dressed in a bright red coat, as if to signify the fiery beginning of a new courtship. As the two drive off together, one is left wondering whether the new Tay will end up like the last.