Tessa Violet on Her Favorite Vine, Systematic Injustice, and Dodie | Quick 6

YouTube-sensation-turned-indie-pop-phenom Tessa Violet disappeared from the internet only to reemerge as a promising new voice in the world of pop. Violet's breakout single "Crush" put her on the map with its hypnotic sonics and equally mesmerizing viral music video. We invited Violet to our studio ahead of her sold-out tour with Dodie to take our "Quick 6″ interview and get into everything from Vine to Dodie, and we are just gracing you with it now cause video editing is hard. You feel?

2019 seems to be the year Violet takes the world by storm. While 2018 saw the release of the massively successful singles, "Crush" and "Bad Ideas," Violet recently announced she would be performing at this year's Lollapalooza, in addition to already announced UK show dates. With a major festival appearance locked in, what can we expect from Violet in the year to come? New music? More visually stunning music video? An EP or album!? Hopefully, it is all of the above, as there is no such as having too much Tessa Violet in your life.

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