Tessa Violet on Her Odd Search History and dodie’s Hidden Talent | Truth or Dare

Tessa Violet may only have a handful of singles to her name, but she is already racking up streams in the millions upon millions. Originally finding her start on YouTube, the past few years have seen her grow into a veritable indie pop phenomenon. From "Crush" going viral on YouTube with its hypnotic music video, which has been viewed over 47 million times to date, to the irrefutable retro jam that is "I Like (the idea of) You," with each new release, Violet just keeps getting better and better.

In addition to releasing a series of standout singles, 2019 also saw Violet made an appearance at this year's Lollapalooza, drawing one of the largest crowds to the BMI stage. In between delivering a festival appearance for the ages and the release of her latest single "Games," we had the pleasure of catching up over a game of truth or dare. From sharing her recent Google search history, letting us in on dodie's hidden talent, and alerting us to the danger of Victorian-era stairs, this is Tessa Violet.

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