The Aces Write a Breakup Letter to “Lost Angeles”


Is there a city more polarizing in music than Los Angeles? Sure, New York has Frank Sinatra's "New York, New York" and LCD Soundsystem's "New York, I Love You but You're Bringing Me Down" but who can deny 2pac's "California Love," Elliott Smith's "Angeles," or even more recent additions to the catalogue byway of St. Vincent's "Los Ageless" and Alec Benjamin's "Jesus in LA." From the literal star-studded streets of Hollywood to the lavish excess of Beverly Hills, it is a city that continues to inspire artists regardless of genre, including The Aces.

The Utah-bred quartet follows up their anthemic return single, "Daydream," with an equally infectious ode to the city of angels. Backed by a euphoric soundscape and driving vocals, "Lost Angeles" paints a multi-faceted portrait of Los Angeles as a city you cannot help but falling in and out love with.

Juxtaposing the romanticism of driving down Sunset with the feeling of losing yourself in an unfamiliar city, "Lost Angeles" is equal parts love note and breakup letter. The freeing feeling of coasting down infamous city streets is soon replaced by a grand sense of melancholy, as the earworm of a chorus makes perfectly clear, "Lost Angeles, I've had enough / Go ahead and take me home / Lost Angeles you're the loneliest city I've ever known." The Aces spoke further on their new single, sharing,

“'Lost Angeles' is about the dark sides of LA, and that experience of being infatuated by Hollywood and a new city, but then having the excitement and romance of it ripped away at the hands of heartbreak.”

Listen to "Lost Angeles" below: