The Band CAMINO Doesn’t Have to ‘tryhard’ to Be the Best Alternative Rock Band in Town


Self-described as "your mom's favorite band," The Band CAMINO is certainly one of our favorite bands. These alternative rockers are veritable masters at adding splashes of modernity to timeless rock 'n' roll soundscapes that are just too irresistible. Now, The Band CAMINO is done teasing us with a string of single releases, each better than the last, and are finally treating us to the EP we have all been begging for: tryhard.

Following their recent signing with Elektra Records, The Band CAMINO is ready to dominate the alternative rock scene with their new release. Comprised of Jeffery Jordan, Graham Rowell, Spencer Stewart, and Garrison Burgess, these talented fellas are known for putting their heads together to compose lovelorn tunes surrounding perseverance and personal growth. Their fantastic new EP, tryhard, proves the rising band's commitment to their craft and more.

Photo: Jimmy Fontaine

The eight-track collection illustrates The Band CAMINO's ability to continue evolving in an ever-changing music scene. With pulsating drums in powerful tracks like "What I Want" and "Hush Hush," tryhard uncovers a harder-hitting side of The Band CAMINO that we simply cannot get enough of. On the other hand, we discover a more vulnerable side of the quartet in heart-on-sleeve tracks like "Haunted" and "Break Me." There is an infectious juxtaposition on display here. 

Although The Band CAMINO takes pride in their classic rock instrumentals, they also adore rich synthesizers and captivating electronics - like we observe in "Honest." A fan favorite off the record, "Daphne Blue" is an accurate definition of electric guitar riffs galore and the eye-opening "See Through" serves as the perfect balance of pop and alternative rock The Band CAMINO has to offer the world at large.

On tryhard, The Band CAMINO shared,

"Somewhere along the way people have called us 'try-hards,' thinking we took ourselves too seriously or were trying to be something we weren't. Of course, we are try-hards. The entire reason we're here is to create something bigger than ourselves. A lot of times people use 'try-hard' in a derogatory sense, but we'd rather own the fact that we've given every ounce of ourselves to making this music."

Listen to the fantastic EP The Band CAMINO has worked so hard on below:

Catch The Band CAMINO on their headlining North American tour with fellow Ones To Watch Valley this fall!