The Band CAMINO’s Double-Release Sees Them at Their Best and Most Lovelorn


Photo: Jimmy Fontaine

The Band CAMINO come alive in a space somewhere in between lovelorn indie pop and blistering alternative rock. It is the same wonderfully carved out niche that has given rise to the likes of LANY and the 1975 and is poised to make The Band CAMINO an international sensation. The growing excitement around the Nashville-based band feels palpable as today sees them making a string of announcements.

The Band CAMINO is signing to Elektra Records, going on a massive North American headlining tour, including a stop at Lollapalooza, and have just dropped an anthemic double release. Giving us no time at all to recover from the string of noteworthy announcements, the pair of singles, “Daphne Blue and “See Through,” perfectly illustrate why the Nashville-based band is one to watch. Equal parts adrenaline-pumping and heart-touching, this is The Band CAMINO at their best.

“Daphne Blue,” the band’s breakthrough track which was originally released last year, still sounds as fresh as the first time we heard it. With its more alternative rock leanings, thundering opening of electric guitars and all, to its touches of synth, The Band CAMINO delivers an irresistible guitar-driven track for all those out there who still cannot quite forget that special someone. Meanwhile, the brand new track, “See Through,” arrives as an anthem for anyone who has been left on read.

Taken together, “Daphne Blue” and “See Through” paint a picture of a band with a firm grasp of the emotional element that makes indie pop so relatable and the undeniable musicality to execute on it. This feels like only the beginning of a band you will be surely be hearing a lot more from.

Listen to “Daphne Blue” and “See Through” below: