THE BLOSSOM’s “Spike Collar” Is Gritty Pop at Its Finest


Photo: Conor Cunningham

THE BLOSSOM, née Lily Lizotte, is difficult to place but instantly recognizable. It is a testament to the rising artist's omnivorous approach to music. Synthesizing everything they come into contact with, the result is a holistic sound that transforms a host of influences, inspirations, moods, and sounds into a distinctive, cohesive vision. "Spike Collar" arrives as the latest offering from that ever-impressive musical synthesis.

"Spike Collar" marks the first taste of new music since the release of THE BLOSSOM's debut EP, '97 Blossom, earlier this year. Premiered via Zane Lowe, the three-minute offering makes the most of THE BLOSSOM's timeless songwriting.

Accompanied by undercurrents of minimalistic production and instrumentation that never sacrifice the grit that has defined much of THE BLOSSOM's work to date, "Spike Collar" evokes shoegaze and '90s grunge at its most emphatic. This understated backing serves as the perfect foundation for Lizotte's off-kilter lyricism, which borders on left field hypnotic poetry. "Running, running, back / Running, running, running backwards / Running, running, back," the words repeat seamlessly, melting one into the next.

While "Spike Collar" and its more reserved sonics arrive in stark contrast to much of the frenetic energy that exemplified '97 Blossom, at no point does Lizotte ever feel like they're holding anything back. Rather, listening to "Spike Collar" feels like entering a trance, with THE BLOSSOM's near-meditative, animalistic lyricism leading us further and further down the rabbit hole.

Listen to "Spike Collar" below: