The Moth & The Flame’s Triumphant Return Has “Only Just Begun” [PREMIERE]


An entrancing explosion of alternative rock, "Only Just Begun" is The Moth & The Flame's piercing new single that will make you truly appreciate the beauty and simplicity of life's generous offerings. "Only Just Begun" is stylized with eerie electronics and demanding percussion, which are drawn together by infectious melodies and pleasant harmonies.

The Moth & The Flame exclusively shared with Ones to Watch,

"'Only Just Begun' is about learning to enjoy the journey. It's easy to get caught up in the idea that 'once such and such happens I'll be happy,' but that's not how it works at all. You have to learn how to live in the moment, excited for the future and grateful for the past."

Tragedy struck in 2016 when a beloved concert venue owner in The Moth & The Flame's hometown of Provo, Utah, learned that a kidney disease was worsening his health, and he'd need a living donor to save his life. Vocalist Brandon Robbins underwent kidney transplant surgery shortly after discovering he was a perfect match - leaving the band's future ominous.

Robbins reflected on the life-changing operation,

"It completely transformed every aspect of the band. I have a huge and profound respect for Mark [Garbett] and Andrew [Tolman], for their patience and essentially their willingness to let me do this knowing it would lead to such a long break for the band."

After two brutal years of silence, the trio eventually revisited notes and ideas from their lengthy hiatus and resumed songwriting sessions with undeniable earnestness and enthusiasm. With their newfound verve, The Moth & The Flame was finally ready to polish their re-crafted sound with a sense of authenticity and gusto. Chronicling the destructive effects of depression and anxiety, Robbins sought inspiration from the emotional highs and lows of his personal experiences with mental health.

On the band's instrumentation process, Robbins suggested,

"It's very basic, really. Piano and acoustic - it's hard to get more basic than that. We started from there and then added in what we felt was needed, like bass guitar and analog synths, to get these very rich, dark, brooding movie sounds that matched with the soundscape we were trying to build."

The Moth & The Flame's new album, Ruthless, won't be released until next month, but Ones to Watch has your first listen of "Only Just Begun" below: