The Visual for Mereba’s “Sandstorm” feat J.I.D Gives Texture to a Haunting Track


Photo: xoxohadas

R&B singer/songwriter Mereba has released a video for "Sandstorm" ft J.I.D., one that is as mesmerizing and emotional as the single itself. The track from Mereba's 2019 The Jungle Is The Only Way Out album stuns with hypnotizing harmonies and an irresistible chalky beat. The new video paints an even deeper narrative to the heartbroken tune. 

The video adds texture to the track with its effortlessly pleasing and glamorous black and white visuals. Rapper J.I.D. and Mereba's harmonization slices like a sharp knife as their voices slip through a choppy beat. This song is endlessly satisfying and catchy - an instant bop. The video and song captures what once was. In the video, Mereba is seen going about her life as the past haunts her like a phantom. She is constantly reminded of the lack of her loved one in her day. Darting visuals move to the mirror on the ceiling which flashes with Mereba and her lover's twirling bodies. When the frame slides downward, Mereba is seen sat alone at a table. Visuals of Mereba sat at her piano expose her ex reflected in the glass. When the frame is pulled out, his physical presence is nonexistent. Another visual features the man reflected in the glare of the window Mereba is peering out of - she is in a constant reminder of his presence in her past and the lack of him in her present. 

Dialogue is shared in the beginning that is exclusive to the video. Mereba's spoken words add even more beauty and depth to the message on this heartbroken track:

"These mirrors know our secrets. They've witnessed our wild, our highs spent riding the wind. And they watched as all the storms started circling our dunes. Strangers once turned to strangers again. And if these mirrors could speak, their voices just might crack and shake and shatter the glass into fragments. Take a piece of my love. We've been through enough stuff, now we need to grow up and away." 

Watch the radiant video for Mereba's "Sandstorm" below:

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