Thomas Csorba’s “Heartache After Heartache” is About the Buoyancy of Love

“Heartache After Heartache,” the latest from Dallas native Thomas Csorba, is about the buoyancy of love. It captures that emotion that's common to all lovers which pulls us forward through both pain and honesty. Yet the song also relates to the realities of everyday perseverance - , accepting what is put in front of us and toiling through. So, if your heart is aching for any of the myriad of reasons these troubled times provide, this second single from Thomas Csorba’s upcoming self-titled release, could be the sonic comfort food you are seeking, “making us stronger every single day.”

Thomas has a knowing, graveling voice that feels wise - the type of wisdom earned through a life of trials and tribulations. That's why it's surprising to learn he's only 23, and that the video accompaniment for “Heartache After Heartache,” was shot in his neighborhood and not dug out of a dusty family archive from decades ago. Backed by the band Texas Gentlemen, it is immediately evident that Thomas is a songwriter comfortable in a lineage that celebrates the American experience, or maybe even one who revels in a nostalgia for the everyday that singing poets such as Robert Johnson, Woody Guthrie and Johnny Cash embodied. 

Penned alongside his friend and producer, Beau Bedford, the rhythms and instrumentation pull the listener into a Hopperesque world of late nights, long drives and quiet conversations., Steel pedal guitars washing the song to all the right places and, we can’t wait to dig into the album in full. 

“Heartache After Heartache” will be going into our late night repertoire, along with metaphorical hot coffee, a slice of pie, and the warm fuzz of a neon sign saying we are open to great music 24/7.