Thutmose Dedicates “On the Run” to All the Women Fighting For Our Freedom

Like most of us, Thutmose has been moved by the inspiring acts of activism we've all witnessed over the past few months. More importantly, the majority of said inspiring acts have been made by women. For his fourth single of the year, Thutmose is back with "On The Run." Driven by a pulsing beat, Thutmose paints a picture of 2020 through the eyes of the people facing danger fighting for a better tomorrow. Speaking on the song, Thutmose shares,

"This song is dedicated to all the women who have been fighting on the frontlines and leading these historic movements while still not being championed as I feel they should be, From Oluwatoyin Salau to the 3 women who founded Black Lives Matter, This is for them."

Watch the video for "On The Run" below.