Tierra Whack’s #whackhistorymonth Is in Full Swing With “Gloria”


It may be March, but #whackhistorymonth shows no signs of letting up anytime soon. The GRAMMY-nominated Philadelphia rapper, who stopped the Internet and every publication last year with the release of Whack World, is brewing up a similar hype storm in 2019. Kicking off the #whackhistorymonth with the release of "Only Child," Whack has dropped a new single every week since. Is this one-of-a-kind artist working towards something special?

Whether Whack is building up towards a new project or not, her new release is certainly something special in and of itself. "Gloria" follows on the release of last week's "CLONES," and sees Whack leaning into her pop trap inclinations. Over a playful bout of production, Whack weaves an infectious rags to riches story with a spirited McDonald's shout-out to boot. If there were any lingering questions that a GRAMMY nomination somehow did not put to rest, "Gloria" cements Whack as a bona fide hip-hop artist capable of delivering heavy bars with an ineffable flow.

Currently busy dropping a new track a week, Whack somehow also found the time to swing by Jimmy Kimmel Live! for her late-night television debut. Performing "Hungry Hippo" from Whack World and "Only Child," the Philadelphia artist brought her magical energy to the stage for a late-night television performance quite like no other. This is the rise of a rap star the likes of which we have never seen before.

Check out Tierra Whack performing "Only Child" and "Hungry Hippo" on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Below: