Tommy Newport Battles His Innermost Demons on “Vanilla & Light”


Tommy Newport is back with his next musical endeavor "Vanilla & Light." Following the release of his single "Stargazer," featuring EARTHGANG, Newport is taking us on a hazy ride into the cloud of his mind. Showing us a more tender and emotional side, the latest from the indie artist touches on mental health and insecurities.

"Vanilla & Light" narrates the internalized thought processes of a person’s inability to see their worth, as well as day-to-day mental battles. Often when our insecurities don’t allow us to shine, or see our true colors, putting a light on somebody who thinks they are boring and uninteresting enables them to see just how extraordinary they truly are. Newport explains, "I think a lot of people, including myself, spend a lot of time in their own heads, questioning and doubting themselves, and I believe the lyrics in this song portray one’s mental observations who may be struggling with their identity and ego, and are reaching out for a light to shine on them to prove themselves in a way."

"Vanilla & Light" simply oozes calm. Those classic woozy Newport guitars and slap-up bass keep the groove element in full swing alongside his characteristic vocal range. The song has a slow simple beat, with the kick and tom drum carrying a laid-back pace throughout. His minimalistic production is quite the contrast to the internalized, busy thoughts and feelings found in a mind plagued by self-doubt. 

If you need something warm and comforting for your heart, or something sleek and cool to accompany your sunset drives, then this tune is your go-to. We look forward to seeing more of Newport revealing his vulnerable side, while still never failing to show up in a glaze of color, funk, and vitality.

Listen to "Vanilla & Light" below: