Travel To Another Dimension With Phoebe Ryan’s “Reality”


Photo: Richie Brown

It's her voice - and hers alone. Since 2013, Phoebe Ryan has spent years climbing the ranks as a songwriter. She's worked hard to put herself in sessions with The Chainsmokers, Bea Miller, and Britney Spears. Now, Ryan's decided to speak her own truth and do things exclusively her way. Her debut album, How It Used To Be, arrives later this summer, but today she's dropped her third single from it, "Reality."

The NJ-raised singer's newest track and video attempt to warp reality. The visual is spellbinding in technicolor. The ultra psychedelic clips is animated by Richie Brown. Describing the video, she said, "It's erotic. It's everything I see in my head when I go to sleep at night." From the perspective of a parrot, Ryan takes us on a journey through her vivid mind where fortune tellers reign and aliens in bikinis dance on screen. 

What seems like a wild dream is really masking Ryan's own troubles with "Reality". The alt pop song is about her honestly assessing the need to rid her life of dishonest people and facing the truth even though it's much easier for her to live in her own parallel world. Ryan shared, 

"I love the lyrics, they're all straight from my dumb little heart, but I think the production of the song is what really hits me. It's so upbeat and psychedelic, anthemic, bright, yet sorrowful."

Watch "Reality" below: