‘Pink’ Is an Immaculate Representation of Two Feet, the Artist and Person

Today, New York native Two Feet delivers a modern blues masterpiece on his debut full-length album, Pink, released via Republic Records. The thirteen-track album has been highly anticipated after fans had the opportunity to digest five teaser tracks released in 2019, including "Intro," "Pink," "Lost The Game," "You?," and "BBY." 

The overall theme of the album is something which longtime fans will take to immediately, as each song fits snugly into the guitar-driven, bluesy repertoire Two Feet has built, including "Maria," which he recorded and added to the album at the last minute.

From the guttural rock and roll vocals present to an expert command of a six-string, Pink as a whole arrives as an immaculate illustration of Two Feet's musical talents. There are several fully instrumental tracks included in the project, one with a title so endearingly honest and simple: "Felt Like Playing Guitar and Not Singing part 2." The varied style throughout the album comes from Two Feet's desire to showcase a range of sounds and themes that run the gamut from "bangers, heavy songs, and acoustic tracks." Two Feet personally recommends playing the full album in order, front to back, to fully understand what he was trying to produce.

The genesis of Pink is all about Two Feet leaning into who he is as an artist and as a person, generating a final product that is unequivocally him. As an artist, Two Feet has made a point of showing vulnerability to his fans and being open about his struggles, stating that he is "trying to share something honest and real with them." The groundwork for Pink was laid after a stay in a psych ward where he gained a broadened perspective on life. In curating the record, he explained "I wanted something with a more complete meaning. A lot of the songs deal with the passage of time and how you interpret it." Many of the songs were written in real-time, drawing on important life events as they happened.

As a feel-good bonus, $1 from each sale will benefit the Siegel Rare Neuroimmune Association which benefits those diagnosed with rare neuroimmune disorders like his sister, GG.

Listen to Pink below: