Ultra Q Answers Your Fan Questions

There’s an undeniable charm to Ultra Q, the Bay Area natives shaking up the DIY punk scene. Formerly known as Mt. Eddy, the band announced an indefinite hiatus last year only to return as one of the most exciting new acts of 2019. Despite the fact that they only have two official singles to their name, they have already established one of the most loyal fanbases that we have seen to date, locked in two national tours, and played some of the most exciting shows out there. If this is what they are capable of this early in their career, the future of music is in good hands.

To celebrate the start of Ultra Q’s first official tour, we had the pleasure of inviting the boys to answer YOUR fan questions. From sharing the craziest thing that’s happened at a show to exposing their worst habits and favorite Disney movies, this is another reason to fall in love with one of the best guitar-driven rock bands to emerge in 2019.  

Don’t miss Ultra Q on tour: