UMI’s “Introspection” Is a Masterclass on Self-Contemplation


Photo: Spencer Middleton

Today fans of UMI can rejoice over her new single "Introspection," a soft, sultry teaser for her upcoming EP of the same name. The 20-year-old bedroom R&B phenom has found her own lane in the music industry by situating issues like race, identity, and love into velvety smooth tracks that make us all feel some type of way. "Introspection" is no different, leading off with an airy guitar before you're enveloped by UMI's voice that's as comforting as your favorite cozy sweater.

UMI shared that "Introspection," and much of the upcoming EP, was written as a result of having a lot of time lately to "go within." This track in particular is an intimate look into her life and mind; she articulated that the song is "how my brain sounds." UMI also admitted that she's never been more honest in her writing, illustrated by candid lyrics on themes of self-love and mental health. Let's be honest, nothing is more real or relatable than hearing one of our favorite artists singing "got a lot of shit to unpack" in an exquisitely ethereal chorus.

The new song is accompanied by a nostalgia-inducing house party visual. The video features UMI surrounded by friends having a great time on the surface. The contrast of the visual and the lyrics is a perfect representation of anxiety about not being good enough creeping into our heads even when we're surrounded by friends. She reminds us to brush off those feelings of inadequacy, vocalizing "it’s all in my mind, it’s only emotion."

The rest of the Introspection EP is slated to release June 21. UMI regards the EP as "a reflection of my inner journey over the past year, embodying my growth." Her hope is that "this project will bring healing." We're definitely looking forward to the EP and will be preparing by looping "Introspection" in the meantime.

Listen to "Introspection" below: