Uncover the Mystery of ilo ilo and Their Impeccable debut EP, ‘wish i said this to u sooner’


The notion of mystery is nothing new in the world of dance music. From Daft Punk to Marshmello, the idea of an unseen figure creating music in the hopes of forming a uniquely personal attachment with anyone and everyone has resulted in some of the genre’s most remarkable moments. Enigmatic electronic indie pop music project ilo ilo carries on this tradition to deliver not only of the best projects of the year but an experience that bleeds into real life.

ilo ilo’s debut EP, wish i said this to u sooner, arrived as most projects do–preceded by a city-wide scavenger hunt throughout downtown Los Angeles, culminating in a release party. The entire affair was captured via various Instagram stories, from Lollapalooza’s to photographer Jason Siegel’s. And as someone who ended up following a series of coordinates to a warehouse in downtown Los Angeles to hear the EP live for the first time, it is a choice I don’t see myself ever regretting.

wish i said this to u sooner is a reminder that there is an inherent love to be found in the range of emotions dance music is capable of eliciting. Over the course of five tracks, which all vary in exact execution but maintain this wonderfully wistful ilo ilo fair, the enigmatic indie pop act carves out a niche for themselves. ilo ilo is a purveyor of happy/sad dance music that is lighter than air.  

But back to the question at hand, did I ever find out who ilo ilo is? Truth be told, I couldn’t tell you because I was too busy dancing, but then again, does it really matter? ilo ilo is simply ilo ilo.

Still curious as to who ilo ilo is? Call (808) 202-2690. You won’t be sorry.

Listen to wish i said this to u sooner below: