Valentina - “Alive” [Live + Interview] | All Eyes On

Valentina's voice is one that does not come around all too often. It is a nostalgic yet novel soul-infused pop range that simultaneously reaches the heavens and grabs a hold of your heart. It was our honor to invite that phenomenal voice and the artist behind it to perform at our latest "All Eyes On" showcase. 

Delivering an impassioned performance of "Alive" from her debut EP Unmanageable, Valentina captivated us and everyone in attendance. Beyond tugging at our heartstrings, we also had the pleasure to catch up with the artist who has been featured in the likes of Vogue for an exclusive interview. Delving into her stunning debut EP and how Diddy telling her she would never make it in the music industry only ignited her fire to prove him wrong, this is Valentina at her most honest and raw.  

Valentina is an artist impossible to ignore. The Los Angeles - based model, photographer, and artist is weaving rich sonic tapestries that reverberate with the power of a timeworn soul singer. After making a name for herself in the local Los Angeles music scene as a voice you simply needed to hear live, Valentina released her long-awaited debut EP earlier this May. Unmanageable arrived as a bout of "pure, soulful catharsis," chronicling years of lived dismissal and rejection into a stirring collection of self-empowering songs.

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