valentina cy Makes Her Major Label Debut With the blackbear-Assisted “Bad”


valentina cy, formerly Valentina, is no stranger to the digital pages of Ones To Watch. The Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter first enraptured us with her soulful siren's call back in the summer of 2018 and continued to keep us on the hook with each striking release. Now, nearly two years to the date, valentina cy is making her much-deserved major label debut with the irresistible "Bad."

Released via Island Records and produced by blackbear and Aaron Harmon, "Bad" is a timeless pop piece with a flawless country edge. Placing valentina cy's soulful timbre in a sauntering soundscape furnished by a lone guitar and rich whistles, the single blurs the line between classic Americana and forward-thinking pop. The result is a track that feels like it could serve as the score for any classic femme fatale.

Like any great soulful pop song, "Bad" was the very fortunate byproduct of finding out a certain someone isn't all they turned out to be. As valentina cy explained to us, "This song is about a boy I kept getting told was 'bad.' Turned out he was bad. Just bad all around. But we got a great song from it."

And get a great song from it she did. While "Bad" marks valetina cy's Island Records debut, it is impossible to deny the promise of what is to come.

Listen to "Bad" below: