Valley Boy Sets the Tone for 2021 on "Sad Girl"

Debuting in 2020, Valley Boy quickly caught the attention of many with their debut single "Black Cat." Setting the tone with an intertwining sound of contemporary and retro vibes, Valley Boy takes you on an adventure back to a time way before ours while still incorporating the modern indie pop vibe we're obsessed with. Their illusory songwriting is on full display on their newest single "Sad Girl," their first single of the new year. And we can fully confirm, this is not one you want to sleep on.

"Sad Girl" tells the story of one experiencing serious trauma from an intense emotional whiplash thanks to a toxic split up. Every emotion is spilled into each line sung. Their poetic lyricism flows through your veins and creates this knot in your chest, taking you back to some of the hardest breakups you've ever endured. The frightening next steps in a serious relationship could cause one person to retract and back out while the other person is fully in it. When the feeling isn't mutual anymore, it could lead to some of the most disheartening thoughts you'll ever have in your mind. James, one half of Valley Boy, explains the emotional rollercoaster while writing "Sad Girl",

“This song began after receiving my second ‘we should never talk again’ text from someone I had started seeing. Change can be scary, and I think she and I were both very aware that we would be taking a big step were we to begin dating. That would mean saying goodbye to the safety of the known, even if what we both knew was isolation, disappointment, and a pessimist's view of life and love. The devil you know vs. the devil you don't, right?”

While the message is strong and clear, the incredible production and songwriting bring it to another level. The dream-like production gives us a plethora of synths, keys and lofi drums that complement each other perfectly; from the distant distorted guitar, to the deep bass that glides the song in the most satisfying way, all the way to the beautifully crafted harmonies. The duo that forms Valley Boy is creating their own genre that's hard to pinpoint, but keeps us coming back for more without a doubt.