Valley Lets Us Join The Band With a BTS Look At Their Fall Tour [TOUR DIARY + PREMIERE]


The Toronto-based band, Valley, was really born out of serendipity. It all began when Karah James (drums) and Mike Brandino (guitar) were in the studio testing some things out, and high school pals Rob Laska (vocals) and Alex Dimauro (bass) just walked right in. Each pair had studio time booked for that day at that exact time. But instead of someone out, they struck up a friendship, feeling like this group could be something special. And before they knew it they were playing a show at Guelph University together, under the band name Valley. 

The indie-pop dream team is equally talented as they are gritty. In order put out their first EP, This Room Is White, not only did the band build a studio in their parents' basement, but James used her own student loan to fund the project. Their confidence is unmatched, and notable musicians like Lennon Stella have taken notice, inviting them to support her on her spring 2019 tour. 

Winning over even more fans with their uplifting lyrics and danceable melodies, Valley continues to move people with their fun loving approach to making music. In summer '19 we saw them release their debut album Maybe. Now, they're on the road again with The Band Camino for a major fall tour with 34 stops across America. 

James told OTW what being on the road has been like so far,

"Touring with The Band Camino has felt like summer camp within the band and everyone on the crew. A tour highlight would definitely be meeting fans after the show and hear stories about how this music has been the soundtrack to their lives. We feel incredibly lucky and honoured to be apart of this chapter The Band Camino's journey!"

Get to know Valley with a behind the scenes look at their time on tour:


Valley at their hometown show in Toronto.


Playing for a sold out crowd in New York City.


Karah and the band meeting fans in Nashville.

All Photo Credits: Becca Hamel

Well, what are you waiting for? Their fall tour has begun! Grab tickets to see this fearsome-foursome rock out in your city here.