Verzache Relates to a Generation Stuck Indoors in “Life Inside”

Singer, songwriter, producer, and instrumentalist Verzache stands out amongst his nearest musical cohorts. His use of skeletal instrumentation is envious, but it is his most distinctive feature - his smooth and youthful vocals - that keep us coming back time and time again. These qualities have made Zach Farache, professionally known as Verzache, a major force within the bedroom pop community over the past few years.

He first started to gain attention in 2018 and 2019 with singles such as "Losing My Love," "Needs," and "No More." All of these tracks feature standout songwriting and vocal performances that helped him garner the fanbase he has today. Verzache's songwriting on these tracks is youthful and warm, but the lyrics perfectly capture the pitfalls of adolescence - relationships, loneliness, and self-identity. All of his songs are nothing if not relatable.

His new single "Life Inside" is an anthem to those stuck in their house. It discusses the depression and boredom that comes with confinement. The instrumentation is stripped-back, playful, and optimistic, with a plucking guitar melody that acts as a contrast to the melancholic lyrics. The beat becomes fuller when Verzache begins the chorus, in which he sings of longing to venture outside and having a break from the monotony that is "life inside." The guitar and percussion swell up and act as a fitting outro to the track.

"Life Inside" offers a slight change of pace from Verzache's previous material, with the promising artist moving in a bouncier and more colorful direction, while still retaining the lyrical content that made so Verzache appealing in the first place. 

Listen to "Life Inside" below: