Vistas Has the Cure for Any “Sucker” in Love


Ever wonder what Alan Cooper from The Inbetweeners is up to these days? Neither do we, but he's living his best life anyway, lighting up an open mic night in Vistas' new music video for "Sucker." Continuing a streak of expertly-produced, OK Go-esque music videos (see "Teenage Blues" and "Retrospect" for reference), the Scottish trio nailed the visuals for this rock'n'roll love song.

The video follows an older gentleman garnering the courage to perform in front of a bar crowd then launching into daydream production, featuring the Vistas crew making a cameo as the support band. Throughout the theatrics, the man fixes his attention on a specific woman in the crowd, his obvious love interest.

The chorus repeats "I'm a sucker and a fool and I'm in love," leading us down into the rabbit hole of emotion that is being head over heels in love. “Sucker" is the sonic embodiment of falling and hard fast. Frontman Prentice Robertson spoke further on the track, sharing,

"'Sucker' is a track about being completely head over heels in love with someone and recognizing all the senseless things people do in order to maintain the love they feel. The intention of the song is to show that, at times, everyone can do daft things when they’ve fallen for someone."

Sonically, the track makes smooth transitions from the high points to lows, reminiscent of the roller coaster of emotions you face when the only thing on your mind is a newfound crush.

"Sucker" is a joyous teaser of what to expect from Vistas's forthcoming debut album, which is set to be released later this year and showcased on their first US tour.

Watch the "Sucker" video below: