Wallows Takes to the Mini Golf Course to Reflect on Fading Love in “Sidelines”


Photo: Alexis Jade Gross

Allow me to pull back the veil here at Ones To Watch for a split second. Hey, it's a pleasure to meet you, and there are two things I would like you to know about me. The two things I currently love more than pretty much all else in this world are mini golfing and indie rock band Wallows. So, put those two together, and you have one happy camper.

Wallows recently took their infectious brand of bedroom rock meets anti-pop to the one and only Castle Park mini-golf course in Sherman Oaks, California, to tell a tale of love falling by the "Sidelines." The DIY lyric video for "Sidelines" takes us along with the boys of Wallows, Braeden Lemasters, Dylan Minette, and Cole Preston, as we make our way through the arcade to a miniature land decorated by dragons, pirate ships, and an array of far too many fountains. The lighthearted video captures the languid joy of a sun-soaked day in Los Angeles, in addition to serving as a wonderful bout of juxtaposition.

The inherent opposition of the boys making their way through a miniature golf course while singing of two people who have grown apart to the point that they are practically strangers should by no means work, yet "Sidelines" proves otherwise. With each new release, Wallows is making a career out of exceeding expectations in their own wholly bizarre yet captivating way.

"Sidelines," which follows the previously released "Scrawny" and the clairo-assisted "Are You Bored Yet?," marks the third single from Wallows' forthcoming debut album, Nothing Happens, which is set to release on March 22 and subsequently enter our hearts as one of the best debut albums of 2019.

Watch the lyric video for "Sidelines" below and catch Wallows on a monumental tour in support of their debut album this spring:

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