Watch FINNEAS Tumble Through Pastel Purgatory in “I Lost a Friend” Video


FINNEAS' "I Lost A Friend," directed by Sam Bennett

FINNEAS' creative energy and talent are seemingly endless, and his latest video for "I Lost A Friend" makes the song even more personal and stupefying. The recent single by the multi-hyphenate artist is a melancholic reflection on the falling out of a childhood relationship. The singer, songwriter, and producer's new video for the poetic track overflows with outstanding choreography, visuals, and emotions that elevate the entirety of the "I Lost A Friend" experience.

The video sets viewers in a pastel sunrise purgatory. FINNEAS, clad in a simple black-and-white suit, lugs through long grass. He tumbles as he moves forward in a seemingly intoxicated - esque state. His right eye is bloodied, and the camera catches him staring into the distance, casually singing the lyrics to the track as his black tie and jacket ruffle in the wind. The choreography is captivating - a lonely, tired, toppling FINNEAS is later joined a minute into the video by dancers in sand-toned clothing. They mirror his choppy yet flowing movements. 

Near the end of the video, a close-up shows FINNEAS staring just right of the lens as he sings through the last pre-chorus then falls out of frame. He is lifted up with the other dancers for the finale. His limbs are outstretched as if he's falling through air, or more like flying through it. He never acknowledges the dancers holding him up against the cotton candy sky. The video ends with a wide shot of FINNEAS, alone once more, staring out into the mountainous landscape. 

The video, all shot in one take, is just one example of the wellspring of emotions FINNEAS is able to bring the surface through all forms of art. With the release of three singles in 2019, we are crossing our fingers and hoping for the release of a full length project soon. For now, watch the stunning video for "I Lost A Friend" below.

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