Who Is is our interview series that seeks to get to know artists on the rise, introducing you to your favorite artists on a personal level before they're worldwide stars.

ROLE MODEL, née Tucker Pillsbury, is an artist whose music is rooted in deeply intimate connection. It is a sentiment that partially begins to explain the rising artist's relatively rapid ascent from SoundCloud breakout moment to earning praise from the likes of Mac Miller, Benny Blanco, and a legion of adoring fans. The other factor that likely plays into ROLE MODEL's enviable success is his endless hunger for new sonic textures, disassembling and reassembling his host of influences with a reckless abandon. For evidence of this, look no further than his latest single, "death wish."

We had the chance to ring up ROLE MODEL to see what makes the one-of-a-kind artist tick. From his odd childhood obsession with Elvis to his biggest relationship red flags, we begin to answer the question, "Who Is ROLE MODEL?"