YAS Speaks to Her Younger Self in the Ethereal “caroline” [Premiere]


YAS' love for the violin, which began at the tender age of six, ignited an inescapable flame that in turn has led to major success in the music industry. Aside from playing string arrangements for A$AP Rocky and a Grammys performance with Shawn Mendes, YAS' latest outing sees her stepping into her own. 

Taking inspiration from French alt-pop duo Love Supreme, the ethereal single "caroline" offers a gorgeous soundscape with the help of taylor from earth. YAS spoke further on the new single, which is premiering here today, sharing,  

"I picked the name 'Caroline' to give an identity to my childhood fears and developmental traumas–something I believe we all carry into adulthood. By personifying these traumas, it makes it easier to acknowledge and ultimately forgive those parts of you."

Unafraid to play around with new sonic textures, YAS and taylor from earth deliver a masterful pop ballad drenched in irresistible piano melodies. Lyrically, "caroline" is a moody track that encompasses YAS' early-age experiences and the push to overcome these fears. Throughout "caroline," YAS lets us feel the vulnerability and terror she endures as an opportunity to accept the cards she has been dealt.

YAS continued,

"'caroline' opens up as an intimate conversation that descends into a chaotic mess of sound. At the climax, the tension releases into a moment of sonic and emotional clarity. Ultimately, this song is about trying to make peace with your inner child."

Tackling everything on the production side, taylor from earth is an unstoppable force. taylor from earth's vast range of influences, which includes Joni Mitchell and Kanye West, is coming in handy as he continues to experiment with differing production styles. taylor from earth elaborated on the production aspect of "caroline," saying,

"When Yas and I write we tend to start with a concept or melody and work from there, but in the case of 'caroline' we started with a production aesthetic and let that aesthetic lead the writing process. I feel like the tune has this creeping sense of dread that builds and builds and finally releases. The meaning has changed over time for me, but ultimately I think the struggle for self acceptance is a core theme. Turmoil, catharsis, forgiveness, and the repetition of that cycle. I hope people feel the full range of emotions while listening!"

Ones To Watch has your first listen of "caroline" below: