Yellow Days Makes a Nostalgic Return With “Treat You Right”

Yellow Days' deep guttural vocals are easily identifiable right upon first listen to any of his tracks. George van den Broek, more popularly known as Yellow Days, has carved out his own lane by creating a psychedelic atmosphere that blends old and new sounds. The UK singer-songwriter began making a name for himself with hit tracks such as "Gap in the Clouds" and "A Little While." Both tracks feature his signature husky voice and introspective songwriting.

Yellow Days followed up these tracks with his debut full length album Is Everything Okay In Your World? to widespread critical acclaim. The project is 13 tracks long with almost no filler. Tracks such as "Holding On" and "That Easy" further show Yellow Days honing his style and strengthening his writing.

After remaining relatively silent over the past few years, except for the occasional single, Yellow Days is back with another release. "Treat You Right" is an upbeat and groovy return that finds its strength in nostalgia. Yellow Days' characteristic vocals return, but this time atop a funk-fueled instrumental driven by an electric guitar. The R&B-tinged ballad sees Yellow Days speaking directly to a love interest in an attempt to win over her love.

Yellow Days continues to show that he is one of the most promising new acts in the genre-bending space. His ability to effectively blend old school styles and modern ideas make him a refreshing artist in what at times feels like a saturated landscape. "Treat You Right" is a strong first look into a highly-anticipated full-length release that is hopefully right around the corner.

Listen to "Treat You Right" below: