Yoshi Flower Yearns for Only One Thing in “7 Days” Video

Yoshi Flower has been on our radar for quite some time and he continues to earn his spot one release at a time. The Detroit native is a multifaceted artist that has mastered the very core of genre fluidity. From his latest mixtape, I Will Not Let My Love Go To Waste, Yoshi Flower is proud to present the lighthearted "7 Days" music video.

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Of the rock-influenced bangers and indie pop jams Yoshi Flower has crafted, we are truly blown away by "7 Days." With this warm track, Yoshi Flower yearns for someone in a way that is both heartfelt and comforting. The bouncy electronics are what really adds to that amusing nature, and we cannot get enough of it all.

Directed by Josh Flores, the "7 Days" visual is a fresh montage of Yoshi Flower doing everyday tasks with someone special on his mind at all times. Between delivering newspapers and going to boring parties, Yoshi Flower is always thinking about one person and one person only.

Daydream about your crush with the "7 Days" video below: