Your Smith Soundtracks the Best Day of Her Life in “In Between Plans”


Photo: Samantha Marquart

Remember that feeling as a kid when you got out of school on the last day of class before summer vacation? How it feels when the world is your oyster because you have no obligation for the next three months except to reapply sunscreen every few hours? That existence of unbridled opportunity is something that seems like an increasingly rare luxury as we grow older, and nobody captures the glee of snatching that feeling from the bustle like Your Smith and her new single "In Between Plans."

Driven by effervescent synths and a restless drum beat, this indie anthem mirrors the cathartic experience of shouting into a massive canyon. Your Smith's husky vocals deliver poignant lyrics that are a therapeutic reassurance that it's okay to not know what's next. The curative properties of the track are enhanced in the lyric video, which features a handwritten scrawl of lyrics flowing across home movie-style footage of the singer driving through a desert mountain pass in the American Southwest.

Your Smith wrote "In Between Plans" while on a catamaran during a songwriting retreat in Nicaragua. She recalls,

"'In Between Plans' is the soundtrack I wrote to the best day of my life. When the sheer abandon of who I was intersected with the acceptance of the unknown journey ahead of me. It took one trip to Nicaragua, two new best friends, and one hit of acid for me to see that life is indeed a journey. This song is about that day.“

Your Smith has an exciting next few months planned. This August she will be joining Matt Maeson on his Ones to Watch-presented tour before embarking on a series of fall dates supporting K. Flay. But before you catch this indie powerhouse on the road, be sure to check out her lyric video for "In Between Plans" here: