Zachary Knowles’ “ghost” Is a 21st Century Ode to Vanishing Relationships


Photo: Philip Winham

When a boy uses his soothing vocals to sing about how broken HE is over a girl - you can't help but listen. Newcomer Zachary Knowles opens his heart in his newest single "ghost," showing us a soft side to masculinity. Drawing us in with lulling vocals and lyrics that tell a story of a disappearing relationship, Knowles sings,

"You've been a ghost lately,
I know you read 'em, I know you see
but you don't answer me
I get the message
I guess you're fed up"

Rarely do we get to see this side of a relationship, and the Magnolia, Texas native paints the picture very well - a little break in the heart… if you have one. Knowles has spent the past year building as an artist and his latest single comes after a recent signing from Carson Oberg at FADER label. In addition, 2019 saw him opening for notable acts such as Alec Benjamin. The rising artist and our new boy crush spoke on his newest single, sharing,

“I wanted to write a song that illustrated what it was like for me when I battled anxiety and how I almost let it control my life. But rather than become complacent and just do what everybody else wanted me to do, I decided to put faith into my decisions.”

Zachary Knowles has dug himself a soft spot in our hearts, and it is only a matter of time until he finds his way into yours. 

Watch the "ghost" video below: