Zico’s “Any song” Is Our Latest TikTok-Fueled Obsession


Truth be told, I hardly understand TikTok, and yet there are nights where I scroll endlessly through trends and odd dance routines without any semblance of context. So why do I continue to scroll? Perhaps it has something to do with a lasting nostalgia for Vine, the increasing desire for immediate gratification by way of shorter and shorter form content, or the rare moments where a snippet from a song turns me on to my latest obsession. Zico's "Any song" is my latest obsession.

Leader of boy band Block B and solo producer and artist Zico is by no means a newcomer on the scene, but his latest single and the accompanying viral dance challenge sees him ascending to new heights as a solo artist. "Any song" debuted at number four on Billboard's World Digital Song Sales chart, and, popular video apps aside, it has all the makings of a genre-bending hit. Over an array of jazzy piano keys and production that builds and evolves to emulate a party hitting its groove at 2 a.m., Zico delivers a deceptively euphoric vibe.

In reality, "Any song" walks the tightrope between its blissful backing production and existential themes. It is a sentiment that may get lost in translation, as Zico sings of fleeting youth, built-up stress, and using music as a literal, momentary escape from his worries. Rapturous and melancholic in one fell swoop, it is a brilliant example of the multiplicity capable in pop.

And the increasing number of listeners worldwide seem to think the same. According to Billboard, last week saw "Any song" being streamed more than any Zico song has in total in America. This can be partially accredited to the #AnySongChallenge making waves on the music and video platform TikTok. The challenge has been done and posted by some of Asia's biggest stars, including Tiffany Young, Sandara Park, Samuel, Cai Xukun, Lan YingYing, Hwasa of K-pop girl group MAMAMOO, Chung Ha, and more.


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♬ 아무노래(Any song) - kozico0914

Whether you find yourself a fan of viral dance challenges, deceptively jubilant, genre-bending tracks, or just Zico, "Any song" is nigh-guaranteed to get you hooked.