347aidan Takes an Unflinching Look at Loss on 'Chasing Harmony'

347aidan is an artist whose atmospheric rise may have come in the height of the pandemic, but in no way is his continued ascent constrained to it. The 18-year-old artist deftly explores the joys and pains of a still-beating heart against soundscapes that pull from a host of influences, from blistering alternative, enthralling emo rap, to infectious indie-pop. It's a cocktail of moods and sonics that come to life in his latest EP, Chasing Harmony.

While 347aidan's breakout hit "Dancing in My Room" spoke to an escape that at the time was universal in scope, Chasing Harmony is a far more personal project for the genre-bending wunderkind. Dedicated to a lost loved one by the name of Harmony, the EP balances the euphoric highs of the artist's rapid ascent with a tangible sense of loss, juxtaposing grief with the rush of coming-of-age and coming up.

It's an emotional rollercoaster ride that works on a number of levels, whether it be in the raw and rapturous opening track "Harmony," which details a cycle of drug abuse in dizzying detail, or "bipolar waves," a disarmingly idyllic examination of fractured mental health. And while it's a journey that's mostly a solitary one throughout its six-track run, "Idontwannatalktoyou!" sees 347aidan joining forces with fellow enviable up-and-comer renforshort to deliver an intoxicating vision of love and heartbreak against an adrenaline-laced alternative backdrop.

"when making this ep, I wanted to showcase different versions of myself. how different parts of me were coping with tragedy/loss- within these songs i believe I am the most vulnerable I have ever been. a lot of these songs if not all were made in a time of on/off dissociation. when I listen to these songs I feel more connected than ever. i hope you listen and feel the same way, thank youðŸ'™," shares 347aidan in a heartfelt Instagram post.

Chasing Harmony is a deeply personal project that in its unflinching portrayal of grief, loss, mental health, and various coping mechanisms, presents 347aidan as an artist more than capable of penning viral hits and baring his soul, often in the same breath.

Listen to Chasing Harmony below:

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